The nights have well and truly drawn in, the threat (or promise, depending on how you feel about it) of snow is just around the corner, and for many of us, the festive season is the most romantic time of the year. For those who are in long-term relationships, it's a chance to stay in and snuggle, and for those still searching for the one, December is one of the busiest times of the year for dating. Winter is known as 'cuffing season' because it's when singletons would love to have someone to be 'tied' to, due to the cold weather and the fact that most people end up staying indoors. And what better activity to do when it's below zero outside than, well, stay in, cuddle up on the sofa, crack open a bottle of wine and watch a romantic movie, of course!

Social dating app TrueView asked 1,000 people what their all-time favourite romantic Christmas movie was, and the film which came out on top was Elf! 15.7% of men and women love this 2003 screwball comedy, which features charming performances from Will Ferrell as Buddy, the human child brought up in the North Pole as an elf, and Zooey Deschanel as Jovie, the department store employee whose heart he eventually wins (though not before she's horrified to find him creeping up on her in the staff bathroom while she's singing 'Baby it's Cold Outside' in the shower). Men preferred this film slightly more than women (15% to 12.4%) but its real charm is that it appeals to everyone. And if a grown woman can fall in love with a bloke with arrested development dressed in a tight elf costume, then there's got to be hope for all men out there.

But men and women's tastes do vary slightly; despite Love, Actually (another film from 2003) making it to number 2, more women voted it for it (18.5%) than men (12.8%). While it's hopelessly romantic, intertwining the tales of several different characters in the run up to Christmas, and featuring the such unlikely tales as the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) falling for his cleaning lady (Martine McCutcheon), it's perhaps a little bit too soppy (not to mention unrealistic) for the blokes, which might explain their lack of enthusiasm.

Highest-scoring with men, however, is number 3 on the list, It's a Wonderful Life. This all-time classic from 1946, which will celebrate its 60th birthday next year, is the simple story of George, a disillusioned, but good man who wants to commit suicide, but is then shown by his guardian angel what things would be like if he hadn't existed at all. Told from George's point of view, it's probably easier for men to relate to than women.

And finally, there are two films which women like almost twice as much as men do, Miracle on 34th Street, which is number 4 on the list (with 16.5% of women championing it as opposed to only 9.8% of men), and The Holiday (2006), number 6 (with 9.1% women in favour of it compared to just 4.6% of men). Despite the glamorous female stars in The Holiday - Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet - it's clear the adoring lady audience is there just for Jude Law, who plays a Brit who falls for American holidaymaker Cameron.

TrueView co-founder Matt Verity says, "Movies are something that every couple can have an opinion on, and sometimes argue over, but there's no doubting that come winter, there's nothing nicer than settling in for the night with a DVD, a takeaway, and a bottle of wine. Whether you've found your long term partner yet or not, you can learn a lot about someone based on their taste in films!"

Overall results (Male/Female) 

Elf 15.7% (15/12.4%)

Love Actually 15.1% (12.8/18.5%)

It's a Wonderful Life 13% (16.8/12.1%)

Miracle on 34th Street 12.7% (9.8/16.5%)

White Christmas 8.1% (9.8/8.3%)

The Holiday 7.8% (4.6/9.1%)

The Nightmare Before Christmas 7.5% (7.2/7%)

TrueView reveals our favourite all-time romantic Christmas films

TrueView reveals our favourite all-time romantic Christmas films

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