Sonic gets a sequel, as does Captain Marvel, with Zack Snyder's Justice League soon to release...
Sonic gets a sequel, as does Captain Marvel, with Zack Snyder's Justice League soon to release...

Been living under a rock this past week? If so, here is all the latest film news to be announced in the past seven days!

Captain Marvel 2 – Zawe Ashton is rumoured to play the villain

With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at the moment not only hitting the roof, but blasting through it, any news regarding the franchise is sure to be well-known very quickly.

While we are unsure what Zawe Ashton’s role will be in the sequel to the 2019 film Captain Marvel, many fans are of course already speculating what her villainous role could be.

The movie is set to release in November of 2022, so we have a while to get our guesses right!

As for other cast members, Brie Larson will of course be back as Carol Danvers, and Wanda Vision’s Teyonah Parris is set to be involved too – which we are very excited about as her character, Monica Rambeau, is feisty and has made a brilliant addition to the MCU thus far.

Sonic the Hedgehog sequel has release date and title

The first Sonic movie, gracing our screen only last year (2020), did rather well with fans after the re-design of the ‘blue devil’, as he is called in the movie.

The new look at the title, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, reveals that Tails may be a bigger involvement than last time.

Tails was only in an after-credits scene in the first Sonic film, so the ‘2’ in the sequel’s title having two tails is more likely than not a nod to Sonic’s friend.

The film is said to be released in April of 2022, and of course we will be thinking about what could happen next time the video game hero and the villainous Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey) go head-to-head.

Face/Off is getting a sequel

1997’s Face/Off was a movie unlike no other. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta star in a film about having their faces swapped. It was a rollercoaster from start to finish.

Adam Wingard, the writer/director for this sequel, has said that it will not be a reboot but a direct sequel to the original.

Does this mean that Cage and Travolta are back? It is not confirmed as of yet, but it isn’t crazy to assume they will be, given that this is a sequel and not a remake.

Due to Cage’s character seemingly left for dead at the end of the 1997 movie, many may think it will be impossible to bring him back. However, they brought Han back from the dead in the Fast and Furious franchise, right?

Who knows what Wingard is planning…

There seems to be no release date information available at this time.

Jack Black to play Claptrap in Borderlands movie

Jack Black is a fan-favourite actor, and has been for a long time. From his performance in School of Rock to his voice acting in the Kung Fu Panda series, to pick him to voice an iconic video game character is not totally surprising.

Claptrap from the Borderlands game series is a witty and charismatic companion for gamers to play along with, and Black seems to be a brilliant choice as he is also known for his humour and hilarious roles.

Some fans, however, are conflicted as to whether Black can pull this off. Black tells jokes that are intended to be funny, whereas Claptrap is a robot who says things that end up being funny without him intending them to be so.

However, it is all about the voice acting and the writing. As for a release date, there isn’t one as of yet.

Leto’s Joker shown in new trailer for Snyder cut of Justice League

Let’s be honest - Jared Leto’s Joker in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad was less than perfect, and almost everyone thought so as Leto was cut from most of the film.

However, Leto is being given another chance at the iconic DC villain in Zack Snyder’s new cut of Justice League, set to release next month (March 2021).

Many believe that Leto’s Joker was so bad it cannot be saved. Having worked under the strict direction of Snyder however, who had this project take from him originally due to personal issues, he could turn out to be quite the iconic villain.

The Joker’s new look does seem to look very familiar to Heath Ledger’s Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. This could be a nod to Ledger’s captivating performance, simply a copy and paste situation, or a total coincidence.

Either way, Leto’s new Joker look is miles better than his look in Suicide Squad, that’s for sure.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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