Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones, one of the most iconic action heroes and for more than twenty five years the expeditions and exploits of Jones, professor by day adventurer by night, have excited and thrilled cinema go-ers.

Harrison Ford is one of the few actors who can claim to have to truly iconic characters on his action CV - he rose to fame with Han Solo and cemented himself as an action legend with Indiana Jones.

We were introduced to the character of Indiana Jones for the first time in 1981 as Ford teamed up with director Steven Spielberg for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

We say Ford don the leather jacket and the fedora for the first time as he battled against a group of Nazis that were looking for the Ark of the Covenant for Adolf Hitler.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an incredibly stylish movie that blended great action and set pieces with some terrific humour.

Jones is the everyman a professor who is keen on adventure and is excited by the past.

He was a character that audiences could latch on to and Ford played him in a way that made him heroic, charming and self assured and yet never cocky.

Raiders of The Lost Ark was a huge hit when it was released and was the biggest grossing movie of the year.

It went on to be nominated for nine Oscars, including Best Picture, and it remains one of the jewel in the Indiana Jones crown.

But a franchise was born as Temple of Doom, Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull followed.

The Last Crusade was released back in 1989 and, for many years, it looked like we would never see this great action hero back on the big screen.

But in 2008 - after nearly twenty years - Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford was on the hunt for adventure once again.

However Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a very different movie was it used mostly CGI effects rather than authentic stunts, something that did tarnish the film a little.

While Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was no Raiders of the Lost Ark it was great to see this character back on the big screen.

Since this success in 2008 there has been a lot of talk about a possible fifth movie but, as of yet, that is not set to go ahead.

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