Billy Burke

Billy Burke

Billy Burke had never heard of Twilight before he took on the role of Charlie Swan in the franchise.

The actor reprises the role of Forks' Chief of Police and Bella Swan's father in Eclipse, the third movie in the series, this summer.

It comes just months after the $700 million success of New Moon and Burke will be returning to the role in Breaking Dawn, which has been split into two movies.

Speaking to Collider he said: "I had no idea what Twilight was, at all. Catherine Hardwicke had seen a movie that I did a number of years ago, called Dill Scallion, and she requested to have me in.

"So, I came in and we talked a little bit about it, and we read a couple of scenes. In the movie sense, we both fell in love, at that moment.

"But, I just thought it was a really nice love story. I didn’t really pay attention to the whole vampire aspect, actually. It was a really nice love story, and a really great relationship between a father and his daughter.

"I didn’t really have a clue that the movie would have that much success, but I had an idea that it would do something."

Away from Twilight and the actor has a string of projects in the pipeline including Removal, Baby O, Ticket Out and Luster.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released 9th July.

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