Jane Goldman

Jane Goldman

Jane Goldman will be re-uniting with Matthew Vaughn to pen the X-Men: First Class sequel.

The pair enjoyed huge success last year when they took the franchise right back to the beginning to chart the friendship of Erik and Xavier.

Goldman has worked with Matthew Vaughn on Kick Ass, Stardust and X-Men: First Class and it seems that they are already hashing out some ideas.

Speaking to Bleeding Cool she said: "Matthew and I are developing some stuff, so there's lots going on."   2012 has already been a hugely successful year for the screenwriter as she adapted Susan Hill's novel the Woman In Black.

The horror movie, which stars Daniel Radcliffe, has been a monster critical and box office success, the film has taken in excess of £20 million in the UK alone. 

The X-Men: First Class sequel has been talked about ever since the release of the first movie last year with both Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy voicing their desire to return to their characters.

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