Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis has admitted that he couldn't kill his boss.

The funnyman is back on the big screen this summer with Horrible Bosses, which sees him star alongside Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey.

Murdering your boss should be step four at the earliest.

The movie follows three friends whose lives are made a misery by their bosses - but their plan to get even is a little extreme.

However Sudeikis reveals that he could never go that far.

Speaking to Playboy the actor said: "I would recommend quitting your job before murdering anyone. Or voice your frustrations and see if some adjustments can be made.

"Murdering your boss should be step four at the earliest.

"Probably not, though I find myself having flashes of anger at perfect strangers, like when somebody talks too loudly in front of me at a concert.

"I've worked with a couple of producers I wouldn't mind pushing down a flight of stairs or taking a swing at old-school Bill Murray style.

"I get as pissed as anybody does. But murder? No, I couldn't go that far."

Horrible Bosses is released 22nd July.

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