Michael Caine

Michael Caine

Michael Caine has revealed that he will miss playing the role of Alfred in the Batman franchise.

The actor will return to the role for the third and final time this summer as The Dark Knight Rises brings the curtain down on the successful series of movies by Christopher Nolan.

When asked by Empire if he would miss the role Caine said: "In a way, but in a way it's right. I've played him three times.

"His role in Batman is to be your reality. When you get into the fantasy, suddenly you've got the butler there saying exactly what you're thinking - 'You can't do that! You can't go flying up in a bat suit in here! What are you, nuts?!'

"He is the foot on the ground and that's what was always important to me. And I played it that way."

"I don't come in and say, 'dinner is served' or anything. The butler is an essential character in the whole movie. He's not massive but that pleased me. I don't want to do massive."

We last saw Caine play Alfred back in 2008 in The Dark Knight, which has so far been the most successful film in the franchise grossing over $1 billion.

In the last year Caine has enjoyed huge box office success in movies such as Cars 2 and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

He has also completed work on Mr. Morgan's Last Love with Gillian Anderson and Now You See Me which is directed by Louis Leterrier and reunites the actor with Morgan Freeman.

The Dark Knight Rises is released 20th July.

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