Cage Rages About 'Condescending' Ghost Rider Review.... Nicolas Cage is raging about one early review for his new movie Ghost Rider after a reporter for magazine Entertainment Weekly suggested the Oscar winner had no right being in a comic book adaptation.The Moonstruck star is so angry about the personal attack, he's urging fans to stop buying the "tabloid" and opt for an alternative - with a horoscope.He fumes, "There was a blurb in Entertainment Weekly that said very condescendingly, 'We get a kick out of watching Academy Award winners being in movies that they have no business being seen in.' "I thought, 'Well, OK, that's really shallow thinking because they can't get outside their own box. They don't understand the concept of what I would say is art.' "Entertainment Weekly is the kind of magazine that is very condescending and they think in a very narrow box and they always have. So that's why I would recommend that if you want to really get your information and know what movies to go see I wouldn't resort to that particular publication."Entertainment Weekly is more like a tabloid. So, if you're going to get a tabloid, get The National Enquirer because, at least, they have a horoscope. I mean, why spend the extra dollar getting Entertainment Weekly?"Cage jokes the publication takes itself far too seriously: "People like Entertainment Weekly don't want to take the beret off of their head and stop being self-important and pretentious."

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