Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton is unsure whether 'Bad Santa 2' will be made.

The actor has long been rumoured to star in a sequel to his hit 2003 comedy 'Bad Santa', however, he admits the film - originally scheduled for release this year - is in limbo.

He declared: "The fact of the matter is, we may be doing it. They are working on it. It could be the end of this coming year, or it could be next year, or never. That's the real honest answer."

Thornton blames the film's delay on Hollywood politics and says he is still waiting to see a script for the potential sequel.

He added to "We all want it to happen. It's all logistics. That's this business crap ... with the rights here, and a person who thinks this, and the person wanting that kind of script. They're still working on it.

"When they first said, 'Hey, we're gonna make a sequel to 'Bad Santa', I said, 'That's nice. I loved playing that character.' It's become an iconic movie and the public wants to see a sequel. I said, 'I've never done a sequel, but it makes sense to me to do this sequel.' It's the kind of movie you do a sequel for, so I was all for it."

'Bad Santa' starred Thornton as a conman, who robbed shopping centres under the disguise of Father Christmas during the holiday season.

The hit comedy grossed $76 million worldwide.

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