Daniel Day-Lewis refused to "acknowledge" Richard E. Grant for "three months".

Richard E Grant

Richard E Grant

The 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' actor felt like he owed his success to the Oscar-winning star because he landed his career-making role in 'Withnail and I' after Daniel turned down the part of Withnail, but his gratitude when they worked together on 'The Age of Innocence' five years later was met with a minimal response.

Recalling how he threw himself to Daniel's feet, Richard said: 'I said, 'Oh Daniel, I owe you my career.' And he said, 'Arise!'

"Then he didn't acknowledge me for the next three months because his character hated my character and he's a method actor.

"Michelle Pfeiffer said to me, 'It's nothing that you've done personally - this is the way he works.' "

Richard is up for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?'.

However, the 62-year-old star is comfortable with the fact he's expecting 'Green Book' star Mahershala Ali to take the honour.

He told Event magazine: "I'm in the honeymoon period right now. When you haven't yet been told that it's not you. So I'm enjoying the ride, for as long as it lasts."

Despite his busy career, the 'Spice World' star always tried to be around for his wife Joan and their daughter Olivia as much as possible.

He said: "I've attempted to keep a rule: never to be away for more than three weeks.

"If I was working in other parts of Europe, I would fly back at the weekend. More often than not, I was one of the few fathers who was at the school gate to pick her up. I've asked her if she ever felt that I wasn't present and she said, 'What are you talking about?' I am grateful for that."