This week, a brilliant new video showcasing Darkest Hour director Joe Wright has been unveiled by those at Universal, allowing fans to gain a little more insight into the filmmaker and exactly why he decided to take on one of the most formidable figures in history, and bring them to the big screen. You can check out the video below:

Darkest Hour follows the story of Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) at a time when the Prime Minister of Great Britain had some of his biggest ever decisions to make. Facing the earliest days of the Second World War, Churchill had to decide whether he would negotiate a peace treaty with Nazi Germany, or stand firm, fighting for the ideas, liberty and freedom of the country he called his nation.

Unstoppable in their advances across Western Europe, the threat of invasion by the Nazis was something that scared most people living in the United Kingdom, and with a public unprepared for the changes they would bring, as well as a King sceptical of Churchill’s power to do anything worthwhile in keeping Britain out of the hands of Hitler, the PM had to do whatever it would take to ensure his country remained his own.

In doing so, he would go on to change world history forevermore, and prove a vital part in taking down the Nazis during World War II.

Having already launched in the United States, Darkest Hour has done incredibly well with the critics, becoming one of this year’s highest-rated on reviews aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, which has the film at a current score of 85%; “certified fresh”.

Whether or not the British public will agree with them however remains to be seen, but to see such a rich part of the UK’s history brought to cinemas will certainly be a monumental occasion.

Darkest Hour comes to cinemas across the UK on January 12, 2018.