Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Logan Lucky) and starring the brilliant Claire Foy (The Crown, Breathe) in the leading role of a young woman who leaves her hometown to escape her past, Unsane will see Foy’s character Sawyer attempting to rebuild her life with the start of a new job. When she ends up committed to a mental institution however, she’s forced to confront her greatest fear – whether or not they’re real, or a part of her delusions however, is something audiences will have to wait to find out.

A recently-released synopsis for the film promises that there will be both “twisting perspectives” as well as a “shocking narrative” woven throughout the movie, posing questions to the viewers about our own perceptions of reality, our survival instincts and the systems all of us have inside that’s supposed to take care of us.

This week, a brilliant and unsettling first look clip from the movie has been released, which sees Sawyer demand to leave the institution upon being committed. Making her one phone call to the police, she claims to be being kept against her will, but it’s not looking good when the woman keeping an eye on her reveals that the police get a huge number of calls exactly like that from patients in the institution every week. You can check out the clip below:

Also starring the likes of Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project), Jay Pharoah (Ride Along), Juno Temple (Atonement), Aimee Mullins (Stranger Things) and Amy Irving (Traffic), Unsane looks to be one of the most ambitious and intriguing releases of the year. Soderbergh even revealed that he shot the entire movie using an iPhone, and thinks that it will pave the way for iPhone-filmed films in the future to become more of a mainstay in the industry.

Unsane comes to cinemas across the UK on March 23, 2018 from Twentieth Century Fox.

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