Glen Powell got to play "a lot of different characters" in 'Hit Man'.

Glen Powell stars in the new action romcom Hit man

Glen Powell stars in the new action romcom Hit man

The 35-year-old actor stars in the leading role of Gary Johnson, college professor and tech guy turned undercover mole, in the new action romcom and explained that the role gave him the "greatest joy" because of how many different dynamics he got to explore on set.

He told ScreenRant: "I get to play a lot of different characters in this movie. It's obviously for an actor, it's the greatest joy to just show up and literally do what you do when you're a kid, which is just put on costumes and accents and big teeth and play pretend.

The 'Anyone But You' star is joined on screen by Adria Arjona as his character's love interest and noted that it every day he got to work with her had been made a "better day" when they got to be on camera together.

He said: "I think the one that obviously is the wish fulfillment of the movie is Ron. When you get to act across from Adria Arjona every day, she seemed to be really into Ron.

"So when you can have that effect on her, it really makes it a better day. But a lot of those characters were pretty bizarre and it was always fun. "

Glen didn't even get the chance to show his many characters to the director or the crew before the cameras started rolling.

He said: "I never got a chance to show it to Rick [Richard Linklater, director] or the crew before I got to perform them. So it was always a fun day because that always felt like I was getting to do a show and tell day for the crew on all those characters."