Hans Zimmer feared he would "betray" Christian Bale's Batman when writing the score for 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer

Zimmer worked closely with the Hollywood actor when he depicted The Caped Crusader in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' trilogy from 2005 to 2012 and worried his work on the latest superhero blockbuster - starring Ben Affleck as the titular superhero - would put into question his loyalty to his old friend.

Asked to comment on the differences between the two projects, Zimmer - who has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - mused: "Well that's the whole thing, it is completely different. Which helps, but still, I was so in tune with Christian Bale. And to forget all that, and at the same time, which was really important to me, I didn't want to betray what we had done for the last ten years. If that makes sense.

The 58-year-old composer - who wrote the theme tune to 2013 Superman film 'Man of Steel' continued: "This one was a double whammy because it was Batman and Superman, so it was the 'Superman' sequel for me and 'Batman' sequel for me... But I think I managed to develop a new language."

However Zimmer - whose other credits include the three 'Kung Fu Panda' movies as well as Oscar nominated work on 'Sherlock Holmes', 'Rain Man', 'Gladiator', 'The Lion King', 'The Preacher's Wife' and 'The Prince of Egypt' - says his approach is like running a 100 metre race, where he gives each project a fresh injection of energy.

The music maker told HeyUGuys: "If you look at the 'Batman' movies I did with Chris, that was ten years of our lives, that's a pretty chunky part of life... so it's important that you keep it fresh. I'm not a marathon runner, I'm a sprinter, I need to treat each movie as an autonomous movie."

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