'Happy Gilmore' star Christopher McDonald has claimed that a sequel is in the works.

Christopher McDonald says a sequel to Happy Gilmore is in the pipeline

Christopher McDonald says a sequel to Happy Gilmore is in the pipeline

The 69-year-old actor played antagonist Shooter McGavin in Adam Sandler's 1996 sports comedy film and has revealed that the star has come up with a script for a follow-up.

Speaking on the US sports podcast 'The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima', Christopher said: "I saw Adam about two weeks ago, and he says to me, 'McDonald, you're gonna love this.'

"I said, 'What?' He says, 'How about that', and he shows me the first draft of 'Happy Gilmore 2'."

McDonald continued: "I don't wanna be a liar, but he did show me that, and I thought, 'Well, that would be awesome.' So, it's in the works. Fans demand it, dammit!"

'Happy Gilmore' tells the story of Sandler's titular unsuccessful ice hockey player who discovers that he has a talent for golf and competes in a tournament to raise money and save his grandmother's house.

Happy's unorthodox behaviour on the golf course irritates the arrogant Shooter and Christopher enjoyed playing a character that audiences "love to hate".

He said: "I'm kind of beside myself. I remember going to the first screening when the movie came out, and nobody seemed to be really loving Shooter.

"The best way to play a bad guy like Shooter McGavin is to uplift the lead guy, in a smarmy kind of way.

"It's just a blast to play that kind of stuff and I enjoyed it so much. People love to hate the Shooter, and I love that."

McDonald also lavished praise on "freaking funny" Sandler, who has recently been acclaimed for more serious roles in 'Uncut Gems' and 'Spaceman'.

The 'Thelma and Louise' star said: "Adam's just killing it out there as you know. I saw his latest Netflix comedy show and I was just laughing at everything. He's so freaking funny."

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