Jack Nicholson is poised to come out of retirement to star in an English-language remake of 'Toni Erdmann'.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

The Hollywood icon has not appeared on the big screen since 'How Do You Know' in 2010, after which he retired from the business due to memory issues.

But according to Variety, Nicholson is set to star in the remake as an elderly music teacher who creates an alter-ego to become his daughter's life coach.

The making of the movie would also represent a dramatic U-turn on the part of 'Toni Erdmann' director Maren Ade, who insisted earlier this year that she had no interest in remaking the critically acclaimed film - which was released in German in 2016 - for an American audience.

In reference to Hollywood, she previously said: "I'm afraid that here it's very, very far away from the way I'm working.

"I'm in such a luxury position in Europe and I'm lucky to be my own producer. I have so many freedoms that I think it would be really complicated to give them up - and for what reason?"

Maren - who is poised to executive produce the English-language version of the movie - also quipped that any Hollywood remake would need to cut an hour off the film's 162-minute time.

However, Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to the Oscar-nominated movie and Nicholson is set to star opposite Kristen Wiig.

The studio is still looking to attach a director and writer, but sources have told Variety that Nicholson was a huge fan of the original film and, therefore, he approached Paramount with the idea.

The 79-year-old icon has passed up the opportunity to star in numerous films over recent years, but is reportedly very keen to play a central role in the 'Toni Erdmann' remake.

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