James Brolin is pleased that his son Josh starred in the 'Avengers' movies, because the pay cheque has set him up for life.

James Brolin

James Brolin

Josh, 51, had a major role as villain Thanos in the last two 'Avengers' films and his father James, 79, admits his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe means his son could retire as a rich man due to how he negotiated his contract.

In an interview with Access Daily, James said: "I told him one thing a long time ago ... I did tell him one great thing, 'Don't be a leading man, ever. Be a character actor and you'll work forever.' So look at him; he takes this movie with Thanos and I go, 'I didn't mean that!' "It's the biggest thing. He doesn't have to work again. He wasn't paid upfront and he took a piece of the back (final profits) ... I'm so proud of him."

James has watched the superhero blockbusters but admits he was left confused by the plot of 'Avengers: Endgame'.

He said: "I don't understand that movie. I understand the cost and profit. I don't understand the story, that's all."

James - who is married to Hollywood icon Barbara Streisand - also spilled on how Josh is coping raising his 12-month-old daughter Westlyn Reign - his child with wife Kathryn Boyd - describing him as a "diapering fool".

'Hotel' star James also teased that Josh could be involved in a new project with Mel Gibson, a remake of 1968 western 'The Wild Bunch'.

He said: "I just heard that Mel Gibson and he may go to Australia to do a remake of 'The Wild Bunch'."