Jamie Lee Curtis has promised a "wacky" 'Borderlands' film.

Jamie Lee Curtis has given fans a hint of what to expect from 'Borderlands'

Jamie Lee Curtis has given fans a hint of what to expect from 'Borderlands'

The 64-year-old actress will play Dr. Patricia Tannis in Eli Roth's movie adaptation of the video game series and says that the picture – which also features Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart – is weird and wonderful.

Jamie told Entertainment Weekly: "That was filmed during Covid in Budapest, and I believe it is being released next year.

"It's a little over-the-top, it's pretty wacky, it's fun."

The 'Halloween' star's alter ego is an erratic researcher and she confirmed that the character maintains some key elements from the video games.

Jamie explained: "She has autism. She's a strange woman who has objectum sexuality, where she falls in love with inanimate objects.

"(She is) the character that knew Cate Blanchett's character's mother, which is why I'm in the movie. I am the connection back to Cate's early past."

Roth previously suggested that the flick would appeal to both newcomers and "hardcore gamers".

The 51-year-old filmmaker told Collider: "You do not have to have played the game to enjoy the film.

"I wanted, you know, 'Fifth Element', 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', something totally fun. Like with 'Tomb Raider' if you didn't play the game you could still enjoy the movie. We've been able to craft a story with all kinds of Easter Eggs for hardcore gamers, but also a movie that's accessible for fans."

The director also expressed a desire to make more than just a "great video game adaptation".

Eli said: He said: "We want to make a great science-fiction movie.

"We don't just want to make a great video game adaptation. We want it to be a great sci-fi movie period... we want this to be a gateway drug for the non-Borderlands fans.

"The great thing about the game is there's so much to it that you're telling 80 hours of story and people can live in the world. We have to create a different experience that has to be thrilling in a different way and has all the things that the fans love."