Jeffrey Wright is "patiently waiting" to see the script for 'The Batman' sequel.

Jeffrey Wright is waiting to see the script for The Batman sequel

Jeffrey Wright is waiting to see the script for The Batman sequel

The 58-year-old actor will reprise his role as Gotham City police officer James Gordon in the follow-up to the 2022 superhero film and joked how he knows little about the project himself.

Jeffrey told Variety's Awards Circuit podcast: "Here's the beginning, middle, and end laid out for you.

"I have not read the script. I have not received the script. I'm waiting patiently. But I'll tell you what? As soon as I get it, I'll call you. I'll send a copy right over to you. On the off chance that (director) Matt Reeves hears this, the hairs on the back of his neck are going to stand up."

Jeffrey also detailed the "hardcore" secrecy that surrounds a script for a superhero blockbuster.

The 'Asteroid City' actor said: "Man, that thing is on lockdown. I think I had a paper version of the script for the first one, but they wanted to hold on to it after we were finished (shooting). We would get these 'Mission Impossible' self-destructing files sent to us. It's hardcore. It's like five-step authentication."

Wright has earned the first Oscar nomination of his storied career for his part in 'American Fiction' and feels more supported than ever by film studios.

The 'No Time To Die' star said: "I've never had this level of support behind a project that I was central to from the powers that be, the business side of our industry.

"I've never had it until now. I'm really grateful for that. We're here now, and I'm so pleased the film has been recognised across the board. With a small movie and 26 days of filming, our budget was probably the catering budget for the last Bond movie I did."