Jenna Fischer filmed 'Mean Girls' with a broken shoulder after taking a tumble during a skiing trip.

Jenna Fischer filmed Mean Girls with a broken shoulder

Jenna Fischer filmed Mean Girls with a broken shoulder

The 50-year-old actress - who plays Cady Heron's mum in the new musical version of the film - has revealed she headed off on holiday during a break in filming and came back with a nasty injury but she had to continue making the movie.

She told PEOPLE: "I shot for one day on 'Mean Girls', and then I didn't have to shoot for a month. And in that month I went on a ski trip and I fell on a sidewalk and I broke my shoulder.

"So I had to shoot the rest of the movie with a very newly broken shoulder."

Jenna had to remove her sling to film her scenes and reveals there are some very obvious moment in the movie that show she's unable to move her right arm.

She added: "If you notice in the opening shot of the movie, I'm out in the middle of a field and Cady is singing, and I have a crossbody bag on.

"And I'm holding my crossbody bag. The reason I'm doing that is because I had to take my sling off. That was serving as a sling for me.

"So if you notice in the movie I am exclusively gesturing with my left arm. It was the wildest experience. So a big part of my role in 'Mean Girls' was pretending I didn't have a broken shoulder."

She went on to reveal she's still receiving physical therapy for the "complicated" injury which is taking a long time to fully heal.

Jenna previously updated fans in a post on Instagram last year, revealing she is having to continue rehab therapy for some time. She wrote: "Let’s start with the good news! I graduated to bands today in therapy, my fracture is healed, I can hold a full cup of coffee in my right hand again.

"The 'still working on it' news: can’t lift my arm high enough to shave my underarm, still sleeping in the rented recliner, still battling pain cycles.

"The 'reality setting in' news: Looks like about 6 more months of rehab before I can put my hair in a proper ponytail. Gains are small and slow going. No skiing this winter."