Matt Bomer says it was "refreshing" playing a villain in 'The Nice Guys'.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

 Bomer enjoyed taking on the role of John Boy in the crime drama film as he liked being able to show his "different colours".

He said: "I think anytime you can show different colours and portray something that you haven't had a chance to do is always really refreshing as an actor."

And Matt also loved working alongside Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as well as doing his own stunts in the film.

He added to Good Morning America: "That was part of the fun of it for me. There was one scene where I fire four different types of weapons at them. So all that arms training and the fight sequences with Russell - it was just a blast.

"I knew they [Russell and Ryan] were brilliant actors, but what they brought to the roles and nuances and the way they understand the dynamics and chemistry of ... the buddy cop genre ... you can't not have a good time watching them together."

Meanwhile, the 'Magic Mike XXL' star previously revealed he came close to taking on the role of Superman in the early 2000s, in a film directed by Brett Ratner, but it fell apart before he had the chance.

He shared: "Brett chose me for the project and then it all fell apart. It was a very lengthy process to get the role, I think it was over the course of three months because I went in in a cattle call. It sort of evolved from there. It was a month of, 'Okay, looks like this is going to happen'. And then it slowly fell apart."

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