Max Irons

Max Irons

Max Irons hopes that The Host isn't consistently compared to Twilight as he believes that it is a movie for a very different audience.

Irons stars alongside Saoirse Ronan and Diane Kruger in the adaptation of another Stephenie Meyer novel.

And while comparisons between the two are inevitable Irons says that The Host is it's own movie.

Speaking to the Press Association the actor said: "I saw an article in the New York Times which said 'which of these 12 films is going to be the next Twilight?'

"All of them have come out and none of them were. They were all their own films with their own audience and their own appeal.

"I think The Host is a standalone film from Twilight. It's a science fiction story of human survival. Yes it has the romance, but I think it's for a different audience."

The movie marks the return to the director's chair for Andrew Niccol - who has also penned the screenplay.

Irons will be moving between TV and film projects this year as he is set to star in series The White Queen and has landed the lead role in film Vivaldi.

The Host is released 29th March.

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