With a world full of choices at her feet, Sophie (Lana Condor) is faced with making decisions that many 20-somethings also have to confront. With family, work and future plans, there's a lot to think about, but long-term boyfriend Calvin (Mason Gooding) is at the top of that list.

These are the foundations laid for new romantic comedy Moonshot, coming soon to Digital Download.

Calvin has moved away with his family, taking a job that's way out of town and looking as though his temporary posting is soon to become a permanent one. As a published scientist, he's got to take opportunities whenever they crop up.

Then there's Walt, played by Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse. Also confronted with a myriad of choices, he's content with sticking in the same assistant barista job in a college bookshop, enjoying a solitary and relatively peaceful existence. When Ginny (Emily Rudd) arrives on the scene however, all that changes.

Convinced by the hours they spend together that she is the one, Walt feels happier than ever but, with the time flying by and indeed running out, Ginny sets off to a new life.

With their significant others in the distance, Walt and Sophie join forces in a bid to be reunited with their loves, embarking on an adventure that takes them both unexpectedly, wildly off course.

Directed by Christopher Winterbauer from a screenplay by Max Taxe in his feature film screenwriting debut, Moonshot also stars Zach Braff (Cheaper by the Dozen) and is produced by Greg Berlanti (Free Guy), Sarah Schechter (Riverdale), Jill McElroy (Mary + Jane) and Jenna Sarkin (The Tribes of Palos Verdes).

Our thoughts...

Moonshot looks absolutely ridiculous; which is exactly what the world needs right now. Although the trailer starts off in typical rom-com fashion, things quickly change when the feature's lead characters end up on a space mission neither of them were prepared for.

As they traverse the universe in one of the world's most high-tech spacecrafts, it looks as though they'll learn more about themselves - and each other - than either imagined.

A gooey, feel-good offering from Warner Bros. Pictures that I for one can't wait to watch.

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