Morgan Freeman never knows if a movie is going to be a hit.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Freeman has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films such as 'The Shawshank Redemption', 'Invictus', 'Seven' and 'Million Dollar Baby' - which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award - but he insists he can't tell how a movie is going to be received by cinema goers until it comes out and he can never predict what will warrant a sequel.

The 78-year-old actor - who is reprising his role as Vice President Trumbull in the 'Olympus Has Fallen' sequel 'London Has Fallen' alongside Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart - told website HeyYouGuys: "I have no idea shooting a movie that, 'Oh man, this is going to go really big and they're going to make a sequel.' There's no way to know, the proof is always with the audience."

Morgan is excited for people to see 'London Has Fallen' - which sees the UK capital attacked by terrorists - although he admits he isn't doing anything out of the ordinary on screen.

He joked: "Let me see did I do anything in the sequel? Not that I've never done before. It's not a musical, I have done musicals on the stage."

'London Has Fallen' will be released on March 4.

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