Naomie Harris thinks it's important 'Spectre' moved "with the times".

Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris

Harris - who stars as Eve Moneypenny in the Sam Mendes-directed movie - has said it's important that the Bond movies keep pace with current issues.

She said: "You need the cars, the gadgets and the humour but you also have to move with the times.

"A large part of 'Spectre' is about surveillance, how much are people delving into our private lives, collating information without us knowing. That's a huge debate around the world today and it's all reflected in the film."

Naomie makes up a backstory for every character she plays, including Miss Moneypenny.

She told Radio Times: "I imagine she comes from the Home Counties, is very bright, a tomboy and much closer to her father than her mother.

"He was in the military and she wants to impress him. She was recruited by MI6 at university and the only person who knows what she does is her dad."

Meanwhile, Naomie also admitted she never thought she'd be cast in a Bond movie, in large part because of her age.

Naomie said: "I went along for a laugh. I never thought I'd get it. Bond girls have always been in their 20s, so I thought I was too old and I didn't think I had the right... assets!"