Natalie Portman has fond memories of the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy despite the backlash the films got from fans.

Natalie Portman has fond memories of being in Star Wars

Natalie Portman has fond memories of being in Star Wars

The 43-year-old actress played Padme Amidala in the pictures and is proud to have been involved in the franchise even though they are viewed unfavourably by audiences.

Natalie told Total Film magazine: "I see it as an extraordinary lucky thing to have been part of.

"I know how meaningful it is for people. And, every day, still, people are like, 'I just watched it with my kids.' To be part of something like that that's part of that cultural mythology, and part of people's childhoods, in such a vibrant way, is so, so lucky."

The 'Black Swan' star continued: "And, yeah, I think obviously with the reaction to them when they came out, being as harsh as it was – it was hard.

"And obviously, over time they've gained more appreciation, which has been nice, to always feel the balm of time. But, yeah, I feel very blessed to have been part of that, at that moment in my life."

Natalie confessed last year that she had never seen any of the 'Star Wars' movies before being cast as Padme, even though she was "aware of the lingo" of the sci-fi flicks.

She told Radio Times magazine: "I didn’t know the films at all before I was cast!

"I was aware of the lingo, as American culture is so immersed in ‘Star Wars’.

"Even if you’ve never seen the movies, you know what Princess Leia buns are, what a lightsaber is, what a Jedi is, you know who Yoda and Obi-Wan are… you know all these words and names before you even see the films.

"But I only saw the films when I was approached to do them."

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