Jackass is a franchise like no other. It’s like watching You’ve Been Framed but with angry bulls, painful pranks, and ridiculously dangerous stunts. What could possibly go wrong in the next instalment, Jackass Forever?

The first ever Jackass movie came in 2002, a year after the Jackass TV series ended. The film was, like the others that came after, a series of clips showcasing the daring nature of the team; people who were willing to ride bikes over cacti with a heavy weight dragging them down, play instruments for a not-so-calm ram, and run through a hallway of tasers.

With the official announcement of another chaotic Jackass film arriving only last week (July 15th 2021), the trailer has now arrived.

'Some people never learn...'  Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures
'Some people never learn...' Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Seeing Jackass in the cinemas is something you might never expect to do, since the crew are getting on a bit in age; but many fans are excited to see Johnny Knoxville get fired out of a canon, newcomer Sean McLnerney get bitten by a snake, and watch Dave England do more scenes involving a toilet.

The new trailer, released only yesterday (July 20th, 2021), shows us some black and white clips from the old movies, resembling the ‘good times’, if that means getting bitten by a tiny alligator on purpose, and putting fireworks where they don’t belong…

There also appears to be challenges, or one at least, in the new movie; we’re shown two men go head-to-head to see who can peddle faster on a bike. Whoever loses, gets hit in the face with a giant hand. We hope Jackass Forever has a few challenges lined up as it would be a great new idea for the series.

Johnny Knoxville being shot from a canon /  Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures
Johnny Knoxville being shot from a canon / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

You can tell when a film is going to be a laugh when a cast member states that “Concussions aren’t great, but as long as you have them before you’re fifty, it’s cool.” A normal statement for Steve-O, in his defense.

One thing that stands out in the trailer is the return of Knoxville’s Bad Grampa character; the star would dress up like an old man, prosthetics and all, and cause ‘accidents’ in motorbike shops and kiss his ‘granddaughter’… his return is definitely exciting.

Of course, what trailer for Jackass would be complete with seeing someone badly injured; Steve-O is in a wheelchair and Knoxville has a bloody villain-like scar over his right eye. They should be fine, right?

The end of the trailer may actually be the only part where viewers might be genuinely concerned, which is a big deal for Jackass fans. Ehren McGhehey is strapped to a chair, covered with honey and salmon, only to be greeted with a giant brown bear: we wonder how that will go...

Jackass Forever will be in cinemas from October 22nd, 2021!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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