Netflix, in partnership with Aardman, have recently revealed the charming trailer for Robin Robin, a new stop-motion musical animation coming to Netflix this November (2021).

While Halloween hasn’t get passed, many of us are still getting excited for the Holiday season. With new films and shows coming out, what’s not to love? Among the exciting, festive releases is 30-minute short, Robin Robin.

The film follows Robin, voiced by Bronte Carmichael (Christopher Robin), whose egg rolled into a rubbish dump; fortunately for her, a loving family of mice find her and raiser her as one of their own.

As Robin grows up, she realises that she seems a little... different to the other members of her family. So, she sets off on a heist of the ages to prove to them that she can, in fact, be an excellent mouse!

However, as Robin embarks on an adventure to prove herself, it seems she has actually begun a journey of self-actualisation, as she begins to unravel her true self.

Picture Credit: Aardman and Netflix
Picture Credit: Aardman and Netflix

The trailer for Robin Robin not only showcases a warm, adorable and inviting short, but also a simply wonderful narrative. Robin simply wishes to be like her family, but it appears that she needs to realise how amazing she is, just the way she was born.

The characters within the feature all seems to have their own, wonderful personalities, especially Robin; her lovable goof-like ways are immediately enchanting, and she seems like the perfect, clumsy character for the job.

Robin Robin is filled with talent in relation to the cast; Adeel Akhtar (Enola Holmes) voiced Dad Mouse, a loving yet careful animal who has his little paws tied raising five children (including adopted Robin, Robin).

Richard E Grant (Logan, TV series Loki), stars as Magpie, a bird with an obsessive love for all things shiny. Magpie takes Robin under his wing, so to speak, and helps her along the way as she figures out who she really is.

Gillian Anderson (Sex Education) voiced Cat within the short, the villain of this sweet story. It seems Robin has more than humans to look out for, as Cat is a swift and seemingly cruel thing which Robin wishes to avoid.

‘The rules of the sneak are simple and thus. Follow them close you can steal a crust. Or a crumpet rind, or a pinch of pie, or the grease from the tip of a soggy french-fry!’

Robin Robin will be available on Netflix from November 24th, 2021!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal