Nicol Paone believes Uma Thurman is the perfect person to play Patrice in 'The Kill Room'.

Uma Thurman stars in the new movie

Uma Thurman stars in the new movie

The 53-year-old actress has been reunited with Samuel L. Jackson for the new thriller film, and Nicol - the movie's director - believes Uma is perfectly suited to the role of Patrice, an art dealer who gets involved with a money laundering scheme.

Nicol told Collider: "It was because I was hounding Danielle Thomas, who is a partner at Untitled, to read the script. I just was bothering her for about a year thinking it's right up her alley. I know she'll love it, she's an art collector, she’s a big Broadway fanatic. It was her sensibility. And I was right, she loved it, and she happened to represent Uma Thurman and asked me if she could send it to Uma.

"But before, while I was on a walk, my partner asked me who I thought would be the ultimate Patrice, and I blurted out, 'Uma Thurman.' And then a week later Danielle Thomas calls me and she was like, 'This is Uma Thurman,' and I was floored."

Meanwhile, Nicol recently revealed that 'The Kill Room' was amended to suit Samuel L. Jackson's style of acting.

The director admitted that she was forced into a last-minute rewrite of the script.

She told Collider: "That role is really interesting because it was written as Herschel, a 72-year-old Jewish man.

"And when we were discussing the casting, Uma [Thurman] texted me, 'Is Sam Jackson an option?' And I was like, 'Are you kidding? Of course.'

"And so Jonathan and I had a day to rewrite the script before the Christmas break to get it to Sam."