Ralph Fiennes thinks 'Spectre' is "male escapism".

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes

Fiennes stars as M in the new Sam Mendes-directed movie and despite its universal appeal, Raplh thinks the Bond franchise deliberately taps into a particular mindset.

He shared: "It's such a guy thing in the end! I was taken to see a Bond film with my father when I was about eight or nine, and I thought it was fantastic. But I have a sense that my mother was exasperated that I found it interesting. It's just male escapism, male fantasy. I think it's best to not take it too seriously."

And although Ralph has praised the movie's director, he freely admits that the Bond franchise over-simplifies life.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I do like the fact Sam has tried to root it in something real and relevant, but it doesn't bear very meticulous inspection. I like the principle.

"And it felt like quite a good line to say; that a licence to kill is also a licence not to kill. But the Bond films work on dialogue that you buy into at the moment because the real world is much more complex."