Sandra Bullock always made sure she was "attached" to her two on-screen children during the filming of 'Bird-Box'.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

The 54-year-old actress plays Calorie Shannon in the new Netflix thriller - which tells the story of a woman and a pair of children, who are among the survivors after an alien invasion= and the brunette star revealed that her main "goal" was to make sure she safely returned the two kids their parents and "never put them in harms way".

Speaking to Collider, Bullock said: "You know what, I never put them in harms way, I always made sure there was an element or an ability to rip the blindfold off, I always knew where they were, my feet were always touching them.

"It was always part of my body attached to them. If we were shooting from the waist up it was my hands, it was my feet, it was my feet wrapped around their feet, there was always an element of me adhered to those kids so I knew where they were.

"I needed to return them to their parents at the end of the day. That was my goal!"

In the post-apocalyptic movie, the family must navigate their way through a river on a small rowing boat while blindfolded.

Sandra also confessed that working with the film's Danish director, Susanne Bier, 58, made her "agitated" initially because she would use tactics to make the actors feel like they were really in an alien-invasion situation.

Bullock added about the filmmaker: "She allows you to hang yourself. She allows you all the rope in the world and the angrier I would get it because I was always out of breath because there was always a series of me running back and forth just to get the scene started just to get it.

"I would find i would get so agitated, she wouldn't say rolling, I couldn't see anything, then I'm dizzy because i've been running and then I'd have to go.

"I think all of that was on purpose to get us to let go of something that might be a crutch or a tool that we would use that would have no bearing if we were really in this situation."

Netflix's 'Bird box' is out on Friday (21.12.18).

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