Sir Kenneth Branagh says Dame Judi Dench is his "favourite leading actress", after scoring her for his new movie 'All Is True'.

Sir Kenneth Branagh

Sir Kenneth Branagh

The 57-year-old actor is currently directing the historical drama movie which centres on the life of playwright William Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway, and has sung the praises of Judi - who stars as the all-too-forgotten spouse - for being his favourite person to work with.

Kenneth - who is also starring in the movie as Shakespeare himself - said: "[Judi] always been my favourite leading actress."

Whilst the 83-year-old Hollywood legend added to Baz Bamigboye for his column in the Daily Mail newspaper: "I never say no when Ken calls."

'All Is True' has been filmed predominantly in Windsor - which is standing in for the playwright's home of Stratford-upon-Avon - and follows Anne after Shakespeare returns home to his family following the burning down of his Globe Theatre in London.

Anne was born a farmer's daughter and often feels undervalued, but according to the Daily Mail, Judi brings her out of the shadows and stands up to her often neglectful husband.

The movie opens in America on December 21, and in the UK in February.

Meanwhile, it isn't the first time Kenneth has praised Judi's work, as when they teamed up for 'Murder on the Orient Express' last year, he said the actress was a "critical component" for the feature.

He said: "They are a lovely group. A really critical component was Judi Dench, who was the first person I cast.

"I asked if she would do it and I hadn't finished the question when she said yes.

"Judi is a talismanic figure. Derek and Judi know each other from a thousand years ago. Johnny has worked with Judi and he worships her.

"She has trouble seeing, but she never complains."

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