Stanley Tucci hopes Spotlight's Oscars recognition will encourage more people to go and watch the film.

Stanley Tucci at Spotlight premiere in London

Stanley Tucci at Spotlight premiere in London

Tom McCarthy's movie focuses on the true story of The Boston Globe newspaper's 'Spotlight' team - the oldest continuously operating newspaper investigative unit in America - and their work in exposing the cover-up by the Roman Catholic church of child sex abuse in Massachusetts.

Tucci - who plays attorney Mitchell Garabedian - accepts the film's subject matter, although very worthy, is potentially off-putting for cinema audiences but the fact it is up for six Academy Awards he believes should show that it's a fantastic piece of art.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the London premiere of the film, he said: "I thinks it's a wonderful thing to have six nominations at the Oscars. The more nominations the better, that means the film deserves it, and I hope more people will go to see the film because of it."

Tucci's next project is 'Final Portrait', a drama which will focus on the relationship between American art critic James Lord and his friend, Swiss painter Alberto Giacometti - whom Lord decides to sit for a painting for unprepared for his demanding nature.

The 55-year-old star has written the script and will direct the project, which stars Geoffrey Rush as Giacometti.

Speaking about the movie, Tucci shared: "Next up I'm making a movie about Alberto Giacometti. I'm so excited, Geoffrey Rush will play Giacometti, and we start I start filming in February. I'm very happy with the script."