Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the blockbuster films not to miss this summer as J.J. Abrams returns to the director's chair.

This is the first film since he successfully rebooted the franchise back in 2009 and the trailer promises that it is set to be bigger and better than it's predecessor.

While Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg are just some of the actors who will be reprising roles everyone is excited about the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch.

This is set to be the biggest role of his career and we are going to see him be a real badass.

Yes Cumberbatch is the villain of the piece but just who John Harrison is remains a bit of a mystery.

Harrison is not a character that appears in the original Star Trek series and the actor has long been linked to the role of Khan - s rumour that has been denied by just about everyone.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set to be a rip-roaring ride when it is released later this year and it is a film that we are very excited about here at FemaleFirst.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released 17th May.

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