Tessa Thompson will lead the cast of 'Hedda'.

Tessa Thompson will play the lead role in 'Hedda'

Tessa Thompson will play the lead role in 'Hedda'

The 39-year-old actress is to play Hedda Gabler, a character considered to be one of the greatest dramatic roles in theatre history, in the new movie from director Nia DaCosta.

The film is billed as an epic reimagining of Henrik Ibsen's 1891 stage play 'Hedda Gabler' and reunites Thompson and DaCosta after they worked together on the 2018 feature 'Little Woods'.

The play dramatises the experiences of Hedda, the daughter of a general, who is trapped in a marriage and a house that she does not want. It was initially met with negative reviews but has since gone on to great acclaim.

Thompson is to produce the film via her own Viva Maude label with DaCosta and Gabrielle Nadig also working on the movie.

'Hedda Gabler' has been adapted for both the big and small screen in the past as Ingrid Bergman featured in a BBC television production in 1962 while Sir Trevor Nunn's 1975 film version 'Hedda' earned Glenda Jackson an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the character.

Tessa recently starred in the movie 'Creed III' and praised co-star Michael B. Jordan for the way he handled the challenge of directing the film and playing the role of titular boxer Adonis Creed.

The 'Thor: Love and Thunder' star told IndieWire: "Even though he was taxed and stressed, and I know it because I know him so well and I could tell the days where things were tough for him, never would he take it out on anybody around him.

"He would take a breath and figure it out and go back in there and treat everyone with respect and ask people how their weekend was and be just a lovely, lovely leader.

"That, to me, is the mark of someone that can really do this because should be, at its best, a team sport, and that person is just the captain, but everyone is important on the team."