Joe Alwyn admits there is little "rhyme or reason" behind his film choices.

Joe Alwyn is happy to work on any type of film

Joe Alwyn is happy to work on any type of film

The 33-year-old actor has a part in Yorgos Lanthimos' absurdist new movie 'Kinds of Kindness' and explained that he pursues projects that allow him to work with "interesting people" rather than big franchise roles.

Speaking to IndieWire at the Cannes Film Festival, Joe said: "I think I've just tried to chase down people so far that I really just admire as directors and a handful of those have happened to be (behind) not always independent films, but not big studio Marvel or anything.

"I think anything could be brilliant. It's just about the group of people that make it... There's not a ton of rhyme or reason in terms of what I'm going after. I'm just trying to find interesting people to work with."

The 'Conversations with Friends' star continued: "And even in a supporting capacity, like 'Kinds of Kindness', you get so much from working with someone like Yorgos.

"It's fun to spend time with him and be a part of someone who's so wildly creative and so singular in what he does in the films he makes. They're not so cookie-cutter shape. That excites me."

Joe reunites with Yorgos on the new picture after the pair worked together on 'The Favourite' and loves the sense of playfulness that the filmmaker gives to his actors.

He said: "There are times you get stuck or have felt that you get things right or you get things wrong.

"Particularly with Yorgos, he's a director who feels like you're going to go and play. Thinking about acting, and why I liked it in the first place, was just because you got to muck around and play and sometimes that feeling disappears or is hard to hold onto, and nerves or anxiety or the whole industry dampens that sometimes.

"But (with) Yorgos, you just feel like you're getting into a sandpit. It's just fun."