Tim Roth is to star in new drama 'The Song Of Names'.

Tim Roth

Tim Roth

The 57-year-old actor is to appear in the film with Clive Owen, Catherine McCormack, Jonah Hauer King and Gerran Howell in the latest project from Francois Girard, whose previous work includes 'The Red Violin' and 'Silk'.

Filming begins in London on Thursday (26.09.18) from a script based on the detective novel of the same name by classical music scholar Norman Lebrecht before moving on to Budapest, Treblinka, Montreal and New York.

Discussing the movie, Girard said: "Friendship, brotherhood, betrayal and redemption over two continents and five decades. This is the remarkable cinematic journey of 'The Song Of Names', which brings us back to the darkest page of the Twentieth Century's history. "Walking the grounds of the Treblinka Memorial, I found my true motivation for this project. I am committed to making my small contribution to the fight against historical amnesia."

Nick Hirschkorn is producing along with Robert Lantos, Lyse Lafontaine and Viktoria Petranyi and getting the film to the big screen is a passion project for Nick.

He said: "I've been obsessed with telling the story of 'The Song of Names' ever since I read Norman Lebrecht's remarkable debut novel 15 years ago. To be finally bringing it to the screen with such a talented team of collaborators, all bound by a shared passion for this epic and timeless tale, feels like a dream come true."

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