Dave Bautista was moved to tears when he was offered a role in 'Dune'.

Dave Bautista was left in tears after being cast in Dune

Dave Bautista was left in tears after being cast in Dune

The 55-year-old star reprises his role as Glossu Rabban in the sci-fi sequel and reflected on how he was moved to be given the part in the first place after convincing director Denis Villeneuve that he had the acting ability in 'Blade Runner 2049'.

Reflecting on the phone call he had with the filmmaker, Dave told Collider: "Anything past, 'I really want you to play this role', I didn't hear.

"You know my story; I had to fight really hard for the first 'Blade Runner' film. Like I had to do an audition, a makeup test, and screen test because originally Denis didn't think I was right for the role, so I really had to prove myself.

"So a year or two later, when he called me for the Rabban role, he just called, and he said, 'Hey, I have this role for you. I'd really love for you to play it.' I mean, talk about choked up and me, like, tearing up. It was so validating to get that call."

Dave hailed Villeneuve as a superb "storyteller" and praised his method of communicating what he wants from an actor.

The former WWE star said: "I think he's one of the best storytellers I've ever met. I can only speak for him for what he brings out in me and my interaction with him, but everything is just such a conversation. It's not like direction. It's like we sit and talk.

"Even after every take, if he comes in and he wants to adjust my performance, it's always, 'I would like you to do this and this is why'. So he kind of gives a thought process to go with it.

"It's a deeper process. And again, that's just me personally, and my experience with him. I couldn't tell you why he's so great across the board. It's just storytelling, but he's just a master at what he does."