There’s no denying the incredible cultural impact the Sister Act films have had, with the Disney movie series telling the story of a singing, undercover nun called Deloris Van Cartier, played by Whoopi Goldberg. But what does the actress think about potentially returning for a third instalment in the franchise?

Whoopi Goldberg is up for returning as Deloris Van Cartier

Whoopi Goldberg is up for returning as Deloris Van Cartier

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about the prospect of returning, the actress said: “Yeah, it would be a great blast. I would have a good time, because it’s a piece I understand and I know.

“But would they call me? Probably not. They’ll find someone much younger to do it. They should call me.”

Of course, many don’t think a Sister Act film would even work without Goldberg on board, no matter how old she now may be when compared to her original stints in the first two films. There’s every chance a good screenplay writer could put something smart together, so that Goldberg could bring the Dolores character back as an older and wiser woman.

Whether or not that’s something Disney is up for however is another kettle of fish altogether.

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