Woody Allen is "on the fence" about making another film.

Woody Allen is unsure about directing more movies

Woody Allen is unsure about directing more movies

The 88-year-old filmmaker has helmed his 50th feature in the form of the French erotic thriller 'Coup de Chance' but is unsure whether it will be his last project as he still has lots of ideas but finds trying to obtain financial support for his work tiresome.

Woody told Airmail: "I'm on the fence about it. I don't want to have to go out to raise money. I find that a pain in the neck.

"But if someone shows up and calls in and says we want to back the film, then I would seriously consider it. I would probably not have the willpower to say no, because I have so many ideas."

The veteran director - whose career has spanned over six decades and includes flicks such as 'Annie Hall' and 'Hannah and Her Sisters' - explained that the delay to the release of 'Coup de Chance' has left him disillusioned with the movie industry.

Woody said: "It doesn't matter to me whether I get distributed here or not. Once I make it, I don't follow it anymore. Distribution is no longer what it was.

"Now distribution is two weeks in a cinema... The whole business has changed, and not in an appealing way. All the romance of filmmaking is gone."

Allen - who has insisted there is "no merit" to sexual abuse allegations made by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow - also had a defiant answer when asked about being "cancelled" by society.

He explained: "Someone asked me about cancel culture, and I said, 'If you’re going to be cancelled, this is the culture that you want to be cancelled from.'

"Because who wants to be part of this culture?"

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