Nicolas Cage has been the forefront of many iconic blockbusters, such as Con Air (1997) and National Treasure (2004); he has now begun to lead smaller, more independent films such as Willy’s Wonderland (2021), and of course his most recent project, PIG.

Nicolas Cage as Rob in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films

Nicolas Cage as Rob in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films

The Synopsis

Rob (Cage) is a truffle hunter who lives alone in the woods of Oregon, unless you count his beloved truffle pig.

Rob spends his days in the forests near his cabin home, searching for truffles with his porcine friend, which he then gives to a young man named Amir (Alex Wolff), who then sells the truffles in the city.

We witness the isolated man’s daily life; hunting with his pig, cooking a hearty meal, then he heads inside to sleep until the next morning, where he’ll do it all again.

However, one night Rob’s pig stirs and causes him to wake up and try to calm her down. Some people, roughly and with purpose, break into the cabin and steal Rob’s pig.

When he wakes in the morning with a blood-soaked head, Rob immediately enlists the help of Amir to get his pig back, and together the two embark on a journey to save the life of Rob’s only friend.

So, what did I think?

Given the odd plot of a man on the hunt for his stolen pig, I didn’t set my expectations too high for this film. However, not far into the movie I was genuinely enthralled in the life of Rob and grew fond of him and his pig rather quickly.

The first few shots in this feature really drew me in; it appeared as though a sepia filter had been added, but it was the brown leaves and beige woodland floor that created such a beautiful image.

I was impressed with how stunning this film looked from the start; the woodlands were dense and also welcoming, providing a place for Rob and his pig to hunt for the truffles they needed. This stunning imagery continued throughout the movie as it has a clean, crisp image from start to finish.

Nicolas Cage as Rob in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films
Nicolas Cage as Rob in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films

Cage’s passion for this project is seen from the very first minute, and one of the reasons I was excited to see this film early; his love for the things he does is crystal clear.

Despite the plot not paving the way for a serious film, I was amazed at how this movie created a sense of importance, seriousness, and even melancholy. Cage’s quiet and brooding character allowed the film to adopt a thoughtful atmosphere, which I adored.

Even though Cage was the perfect choice for the lead role of Rob, I’m not sure the same can be said for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor Alex Wolff. While his acting was great, I can’t help but think he wasn’t suited for the role of a rich kid who acts a lot like a douchebag.

Having said this, Wolff seemed to lean into the role of Amir well, and while he may not have been the best choice for the role, he and Cage bounced off one another rather well due to their characters’ differences.

Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films
Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff in PIG / Picture Credit: Altitude Films

For me, what made PIG stand out, was Rob’s adoration of his pig. Just as people love their cats, dogs, even birds, Rob loved his pig. She was his friend throughout the hard times in his life, and this film really pushes (but not too hard) for that earnest and sincere atmosphere.

Not only this, but the movie held my attention the entire way through. Rob was such an intriguing character; his perseverance and willpower to find what was taken from him was genuinely admirable.

PIG hosts some stunning quiet, calm scenes that again, push the genuine feel of this movie. Rob teaches Amir how to cook a beautiful meal and, with Amir’s parents seemingly not the best, it was a loving, endearing moment to witness.

A review of this feature would not be complete without addressing Cage’s performance. We’ve seen, in films such as National Treasure and Ghost Rider (2007), that he has a flair for the dramatic, and plays many talkative and headstrong characters.

This feature sees Cage dial down his somewhat eccentric acting, allowing us to see a calmer, deeper side to the actor. Everything from his soothing voice, to his shut-off demeanour, even the speed at which he spoke, Cage’s performance in this movie was stunning, perfect, and simply fantastic.

PIG was a genuinely wonderful movie. Despite some parts being a little long, the performances from the small cast, the stunning cinematography, the simple yet effective script, and the genuine, original atmosphere were simply outstanding.

You can watch PIG in cinemas from tomorrow (20th August, 2021).

Watch the trailer for PIG below

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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