Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

All week we have been looking at some of the best modern day actor/director partnerships as Johnny Depp reunites with Gore Verbinski for The Lone Ranger.

Our final actor/director duo comes in the form of Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott, who have been enjoying huge film success together since 2000.

So far they have made five movies together, kicking off with Gladiator thirteen years ago.

Gladiator remains one of Crowe's greatest roles as Maximus Decimus Meridius has some of the most iconic lines in film history.

The movie was a box office smash and a critical hit, as well as being a major heavyweight when the awards season came around.

It was nominated for twelve Oscars and walked away with five; including Best Picture and Best Actor for Crowe.

The pair reunited six years later as they left the sword and sandal epic behind in favour of a romantic drama.

A Good Year was the film and it was a big screen adaptation of the novel by Peter Mayle.

While it was a feel-good movie that I am a fan of it struggled both with the critics and at the box office.

In 2007 they tackled the crime drama as American Gangster hit the big screen. The movie saw Crowe take on the role of a police detective opposite Denzel Washington.

The movie was based on the criminal career of Frank Lucas, played fantastically by Washington.

American Gangster got Crowe and Scott back on track as the movie was both a critical and commercial success.

They quickly followed that up with Body of Lies, which was based on the novel by David Ignatius, before moving on toe Robin Hood.

Robin Hood was released back in 2010 and saw Scott put his own take on this popular and well known tale.

Crowe took on the role title role while Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, Max von Sydow, William Hurt and Oscar Isaac were all also on the cast list.

It was another hit as the movie grossed in excess of $321 million at the global box office.

That was the last time that the duo worked together and there is no project in the pipeline at the moment that would see them reunite.

The Lone Ranger is out now.

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