This year (2021) has seen some brilliant films hit cinemas, such as Black Widow and The Forever Purge. As we move forward into August, there are still so many great films to come; here are seven of the most exciting films coming out next month!

Picture Credits (l-r): 20th Century Studios, Paramount Pictures Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Picture Credits (l-r): 20th Century Studios, Paramount Pictures Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Free Guy – August 13th

Ryan Reynolds is famous for his perfect sense of humour, and has entertained us with such films as Deadpool (2016), The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017), and more. However, the actor’s newest film, Free Guy will be hitting cinemas soon and is set to be a laugh-a-minute success.

Reynolds plays a character called Guy, a non-playable character (NPC) in a video game set in Free City. Despite loving his repetitive and somewhat violent life, someone tells him the truth, and Guy must race against the clock to save his game from being shut down.

Reviews for the film praise Reynolds’ performance and the film itself for being absolutely brilliant; we can’t wait to see this one ourselves!

Don’t Breathe 2 – August 13th

Don’t Breathe from 2016 was a new kind of horror, where an old, blind man is preyed upon by youths hoping to steal his money. However, what they don’t know, is that the seemingly harmless man can take on anything, and anyone, that threatens him.

The sequel to this horror follows Norman (Stephan Lang) once more, but this time has a young child with him. When their house is broken into and the truth threatens to reveal itself, Norman must fight for not only himself, but for the little girl in his care, too.

The Courier – August 13th

Benedict Cumberbatch takes on another challenging role based on a real-life person in The Courier, the story of Greville Wynne.

Wynne was a British businessman who was recruited by MI6, who need his help in defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis that threatened thousands in the 1960s.

Cumberbatch has a knack for portraying serious characters, and his talents as an actor will definitely make The Courier one to watch.

Snake Eyes: G. I. Joe Origins – August 18th

An action-packed thrill ride with swords and martial arts, Snake Eyes: G. I. Joe Origins is set to be an exciting journey focusing on the character of Snake Eyes, played by Henry Golding.

The film is set to explore the character’s backstory, as the title suggests, and give audiences a real look at the character of Snake Eyes, and what led him to become the master fighter he is in the other G. I. movies.

Pig – August 20th

Nicholas Cage is something of a controversial actor; you either love him or you don’t. His upcoming feature, titled Pig, may be something to keep your eye on however, if only to see Cage on the big screen again.

Pig follows Cage’s character Rob, a man who lives alone in the woods, bar his best friend, a truffle pig. When his porcine companion is stolen from him, Rob must unwillingly travel to big cities and densely populated areas to find out “who took my pig?”.

The film also stars Alex Wolff (Jumanji franchise) alongside Cage; he seems to be a friend, or someone who cares about Rob and wants to help him with his mission.

Demonic – August 20th

Horror films are always great for a cinema trip, so why not check out Demonic once it hits cinemas?

The movie follows a young woman who unleashes terrifying and hideous demons when supernatural forces gnaw at a decades-long rift between a mother and her daughter.

With spirits, demons and family issues at the root of this movie, it seems to be one you don’t want to miss.

Candyman – August 27th

Candyman is a film from the 1990s about a tall tale of a man who terrorises people with his hook hand and sinister demeanour.

Now, in 2021, we are getting a sequel to the 1992 original, continuing the tale of the Candyman.

A couple move into their new home, only to be burdened by an intense force, and when one of them opens a door to the unknown, horror and violence fill their would-be perfect home.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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