Shane Black

Shane Black

Shane Black makes his directorial return this week as he takes over the helm of Iron Man 3 from Jon Favreau.

The movie reunites Black with actor Robert Downey Jr and it is set to be one of the biggest films of the year as well as Black's career.

While Black is in the director's chair this week he kicked off his career in acting before moving into script writing.

He kicked off his acting career in 1986 with an uncredited role in Night of the Creeps before going on to appear in Predator and Dead Heat.

While Black has continued to take on acting roles from time to time through to 2007 but it was his writing that really put him on the map.

He grabbed everyone's attention in 1987 when he penned the screenplay for Lethal Weapon - a script that he sold for $250,000.

The movie kicked off one of the best buddy/cop franchises of all time and Black was commissioned to pen Lethal Weapon 2.

At the height of his power he was the highest paid scriptwriter as he was paid $4 million for The Long Kiss Goodnight.

But after he sold that script in 1996 Black all but disappeared from the movies.

He reappeared in 2005 when he penned the script for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as well as making his directorial debut.

The movie saw him team up with Robert Downey Jr for the first time as he led the cast in this fantastic crime/comedy.

The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 and while it won over the critics it sadly failed to the business at the box office.

Iron Man 3 sees him return to the director's chair for what is only his second outing at the helm of the movie.

Black has teamed up with Drew Pearce to pen the script that sees Tony Stark struggling to get over events that happened in Avengers Assemble.

The movie is the darkness of the Iron Man movies to date and takes Stark on his most difficult and personal journey yet.

Death Note is set to be the new project for Black while he has also been linked to an adaptation of Doc Savage.

Iron Man 3 is out now.

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