Denis Villeneuve was a director that caught my attention back in 2013 when he was at the helm of Prisoners, a wonderful crime drama that was one of the best films of the year.



Now the filmmaker returns to the crime/drama genre with his latest film Sicario, which premiered to critical acclaim when it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Emily Blunt is a favourite here at FemaleFirst and she is set to take on the central role of FBI agent Kate Macy - it really does look like it is going to be a gritty and action packed role for the British actress.

Sicario marks the first time that Blunt has teamed up with Villeneuve and is the first big screen outing for her since the success of Into The Woods at the beginning of 2015.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen Blunt really mix and match her roles with the likes of Looper, Edge of Tomorrow, and Your Sister's Sister all under her belt; Sicario will once again allow her to show off her versatility.

However, it is not all about Blunt as she is joined on the cast list by Jon Bernthal, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Jeffrey Donovan. There are a whole host of movies coming our way this autumn with very impressive cast lists and Sicario is set to be one of them.

While this will be the first time that Blunt has worked with Brolin, Sicario will see her reunite with Del Toro after they worked together on The Wolfman back in 2010.

Ever since it screened Cannes earlier this year, Sicario is being tipped to be a potential Oscar contender - I really hope we get to see Blunt in the mix for the first time. Sicario played at the Toronto Film Festival earlier month and could well be the toast of the festival circuit.

In Mexico, Sicario means hitman. In the lawless border area stretching between the U.S. and Mexico, an idealistic FBI agent [Blunt] is enlisted by an elite government task force official [Brolin] to aid in the escalating war against drugs.

Led by an enigmatic consultant with a questionable past [Del Toro], the team sets out on a clandestine journey forcing Kate to question everything that she believes in order to survive.

I love a good crime/drama and there are quite a few that are not to be missed between now and the end of the year... Sicario is just one that you really cannot afford to miss.

Villeneuve is a director that really did grab everyone's attention with Prisoners - which should have got more awards nods than it did - and I cannot wait to see what he delivers here.

Sicario is released 9th October.

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