The Cold Light Of Day

The Cold Light Of Day

Henry Cavill is set to see his star rocket over the next twelve months after being cast as Superman when the franchise is rebooted next year.

But before then we are going to be seeing him grace the big screen in The Cold Light Of Day, which teams him up with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver.

And we have the first trailer for the movie for you to take a look at:

Now we have already seen Cavill flex his action muscles of late when he lead the cast in Immortals and this movie is set to bring more of the same.

The action/thriller is directed by Mabrouk El Mechri, who is making his first big screen outing since JCVD.

This heart pounding thriller follows a young American (Henry Cavill), whose family is kidnapped whilst on vacation in Spain.

A cat and mouse chase ensues, but time is running out.

The Cold Light Of Day is released 6th April.

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