The Liability

The Liability

A veteran assassin dreaming of retirement (Tim Roth) is paired with an eager young driver on a mission to carry out a long-distance 'hit' job.

After crashing his gangster stepfather's prize car, Adam ( Jack O’Connell, 300: Rise of An Empire; Harry Brown, Eden Lake) is forced to repay the debt by teaming up with professional hit man, Roy, to act as driver on what should be a swift and easy mission.

Whilst Roy desperately wants to leave the killing game, Adam develops into an enthusiastic and aspirational hit-man.

The pair take a road trip ending deep in a forest, far away from home. Roy executes the target with ruthless efficiency only for the duo to then realize they've been caught in the act.

A beautiful, mysterious young woman (Talulah Riley (St Trinians 1 & 2, Pride & Prejudice) has witnessed the murder and professional code dictates that she must also now be dispatched.

As the two men deliberate over killing her, their witness makes her escape with an incriminating piece of evidence.

Thus begins a cat and mouse chase that ultimately reveals the sinister reason for Adam's stepfather (Peter Mullan (War Horse, Tyrannosaur) having commissioned the deadly hit and the true identity of their witness and her reasons for seeking retribution on the gangster.

Craig Viveiros (Ghosted) has directed from a screenplay by John Wrathall.

The Liability is produced by Richard Johns (Truth Or Dare, Shadow of the Vampire, Killing Time) and Rupert Jermyn (Truth Or Dare).

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