Tonight (November 14), the official premiere of Gary Sinyor’s film The Unseen will take place in Central London. 12 years in the making, it’s a project extremely close to the filmmaker’s heart, and those of the small crew of just eight people who were involved in its production. Ahead of release, we got the chance to preview the movie and fortunately, it’s an infectious, edge-of-your-seat ride.

Jasmine Hyde and Richard Flood give an amazing performance

Jasmine Hyde and Richard Flood give an amazing performance

When we’re first introduced to Gemma (Jasmine Hyde) and Will’s (Richard Flood) family, it’s instantly clear that they’re a highly successful and happy little unit. With a single child, the two adults adore parenthood, relishing each moment until one unlucky night and a tragic accident rips their entire world apart. Losing their son, the two find it increasingly hard to cope with the biggest change to their routine since his birth, with Gemma’s declining mental health triggering a semi-blindness whenever she’s in her deepest moments of mourning-induced stress.

As Gemma’s world begins to blur, so too does the audience’s point of view, bringing a unique twist to the cinematography. We follow her journey more closely than that of Will’s, but as it’s revealed he’s also struggling with his own issues following his son’s death – hearing the voice of the youngster in various rooms in the family home – the decision’s made to take a long weekend at the guest house of a man named Paul (Simon Cotton) who helped Gemma the first time she had one of her blind episodes.

Saying too much about the relationship Paul shares with the formerly happy duo would only take away from the story being told on screen, but it’s fair to say that Cotton relishes the role, as an actor who not only ensures his character straddles the line of uneasiness for those he’s interacting with, but everybody watching. His intentions – be they good or otherwise – are something the viewer will become enlightened to as both Gemma and Will do.

It’s often said that no parent knows what it’s like to lose a child until that very thing happens. Still, watching The Unseen brings you incredibly close, thanks to the stellar performances by both Jasmine Hyde and Richard Flood and the slick production that was likely done on a tight budget..

Check out the official trailer for The Unseen above.

The Unseen is truly one of the most disturbing, yet intoxicating, engaging and carefully layered films I’ve ever seen. Emotionally charged in every moment, it’s a harrowing picture and one that everybody who appreciates solid, hard work and brilliant results should see.

Sinyor is a man who knows exactly how to ramp up the tension for viewers, giving them just enough slithers of information to build suspense all the way up to the film’s big concluding crescendo. Jim Barne’s score only adds to this, allowing the dread to seep in for all those watching, whilst being unafraid to cloud the viewer’s judgement and disorientate from everything that’s ACTUALLY going on.

Whether you’re an avid fan of the thriller genre or not, this is a movie that you’ve got to give a chance. Going up against Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it hits UK cinemas, we hope it’s given the reception it deserves.

The Unseen comes to movie theatres across the UK, and digital download, on December 15.

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