Sorry Charlie

Sorry Charlie

Inspired by true events comes Sorry Charlie, an unapologetically terrifying horror from director Colton Tran (The Bell Keeper, The Sex Lives of College Girls). The film is set for its UK premiere on 27 May from Miracle Media.

Kathleen Kenny (African Giants) gives a standout performance as a survivor of a brutal attack by a violent serial murderer and rapist labelled ‘The Gentleman’ who lures unsuspecting women from their homes with a recording of a crying baby.

Following the devastating assault, helpline volunteer Charlie (Kenny) now lives a reclusive life, having cut herself off from her family and friends, haunted by the trauma.

Despite her attacker supposedly arrested and behind bars, Charlie can’t shake the feeling that she’s not alone. Isolated and afraid, her paranoia grows. Is there someone stalking her, or is it all in her head?

On UK digital 27 May from Miracle Media 


Hell has no mercy in Hellhound, an adrenaline-fuelled action-packed thriller from director Joshua Dixon (Never Back Down: No Surrender, Blue Family) in his bold feature debut. The film is set for its digital release on 6 May from Miracle Media.

In the heart of Bangkok, seasoned hitman Loreno (Louis Mandylor – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, Rambo: Last Blood) is ready to retire but finds himself reluctantly drawn back into his deadly work for one final hit. Lending a hand to an old friend, Cetan (Vithaya Pansringarm – Thirteen Lives, A Prayer Before Dawn), he agrees to hunt down a ruthless local kingpin.

As he embarks on his assignment, his path crosses with an old acquaintance, Paul (Van Quattro – Fight Club) and he finds himself thrown into a violent world of intrigue, danger and unexpected alliances. 

With explosive action, kick-ass violence and a bloody brutal body count, get ready to go to hell and back with Hellhound.

On UK digital 6 May from Miracle Media


Ride into the heart of the Wild West and Among The Willows with Tyler Smith’s (Above Snakes) award-winning Western which is set for its UK digital debut on 20 May from Miracle Media. 

Former outlaw John Williams’ (David Novak – Lost Outlaw, Who Took My Daughter) life of crime and violence is long gone, but when his granddaughter is kidnapped and her family is brutally murdered, he must swallow his pride and confront his past to save her.

Reuniting with his ex-partner, Everett Stolls (Jeffrey Smith – Don’t Look Up), the pair embark on an epic mission to track down the killers and rescue her before it’s too late. 

Journey Among The Willows for a gun-toting tale of action, betrayal and redemption.

On UK digital 20 May from Miracle Media

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