Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

We have already looked at the best actresses of 2013, and now it is time to put the actors under the spotlight - and there have been some terrific performances here as well.

We take a look at the top five actors who have really stood out above the rest over the last twelve months.

- Chris Hemsworth

2013 has been another very busy year for Chris Hemsworth with two movie gems under his belt.

He returned as the hammer swinging Thor this autumn in Thor: The Dark World - the second standalone movie for the title character.

The movie Thor back in action again to save the world, while dealing with Loki and the events of the Battle of New York.

While Thor: The Dark World was a box office smash, it really was Rush that was the actor's standout performance this year.

Rush saw him take on the role of F1 driver James Hunt, in a movie that looked at his rivalry with Nikki Lauda.

Rush is a fast paced and heart-stopping movie that saw Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl on top for.

- Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman remains one of Hollywood's busiest actors, as we saw him in a whole host of movies this year. One of his best movie moments of the year came in Les Miserables, as he took on the role of Jean Valjean.

Coming from a theatre background, Jackman truly shone in this role - he fully deserved his first Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Since then, he has reprised the role of Logan in The Wolverine - a role we will see him return to next year - and lead and all star cast in Prisoners.

If you haven't seen Prisoners then you really should check it out as he delivers another mesmerising performance. He plays a man who takes the law into his own hands when his young daughter goes missing.

There is a real menace to Jackman's performance throughout the whole film in what is a raw and brutal turn from the actor.

- Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis has made one big screen appearance this year, but it was a performance that resulted in a third Best Actor Oscar.

Day-Lewis became the first man to win three Best Actor Oscars, following on from My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood.

He took on the title role when he returned in Lincoln, a movie that saw him team up with director Steven Spielberg.

The movie followed Lincoln in his later years as he tried to bring the Civil War and slavery to an end. I don't know about you, but Day-Lewis really did have the look of Lincoln spot on.

From the get-go Day-Lewis was the red hot favourite to scoop the Best Actor Oscar as he dominated the awards season.

- Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has delivered some wonderful performances over the years, but in 2013 he gave us one of his very best.

Hanks teamed up with director Paul Greengrass for Captain Phillips. The film took the true story of Phillips and the hijacking of the ship he was captain on by Somali pirates in 2009.

Hanks took on the title role and gave a terrific central performance as a man who is backed into a corner and is desperate to protect himself and his men.

Hanks is fantastic throughout, but that final scene really is one of incredible power - if you have seen the film you will know exactly what I mean.

Hanks is currently lighting up the big screen in Saving Mr Banks as Walt Disney. The film follows Disney's quest to make Mary Poppins and the trouble he had with the author along the way.

Saving Mr Banks is a wonderful piece of cinema and see Hanks and Emma Thompson - who plays author P.L. Travers - shine together.

- Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington returned to the big screen at the beginning of the year with Flight; a movie that saw him team up with director Robert Zemeckis.

Washington played a pilot who lands a plane against the odds when it malfunctions mid-flight. But was he somehow to blame?

Washington gives a very powerful performance in the central role, in a film that comes about battling addiction - which is not where you expect the film to go after the first twenty minutes.

Washington was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his central performance, but lost out to Daniel Day Lewis.

Other stand out actors of this year include Benedict Cumberbatch, Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.

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